The Positive Story

Introducing the world through socially-motivating stories

Introducing the world through socially motivating stories



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What we do, Who we are, How we work, and the Tools that bring it all together.


We work with clients — large and small — to highlight their brands and connect audiences to their work. We produce video stories, photography, and messaging that’s crafted to evoke emotion, inspiration, and yield desired results. Our clients have been able to better showcase their work and impact through our videos, and gain crucial media attention from outlets like: 60 Minutes, Charlie Rose, and Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky docu-series. Our work has been seen on: MSNBC, The Katie Couric Show, Bloomberg TV, Current TV, and has been shown to thousands at large events like the Clinton Global Initiative and the International Cricket Council’s World Cup.




Our background is in news, our passion is in storytelling, and our approach is to produce the most valuable content possible for our clients using our experience, resources, and project goals as a guide. For 10 years we’ve been producing a wide range of video content. From promotional, educational, and fundraising videos to Yoga, real estate, and news programming, we’ve produced a lot of different stuff for a lot of different customers. Our clients run the gamut of organizational size and industry — from universities with thousands of employees to one person nonprofits. But regardless of scale, we’re dedicated to producing the best possible story for each client.



Along with our client, we pinpoint specific areas of their business or organization to highlight. For video projects, we develop a list of relevant elements to capture that help to tell the story. We typically film an entire story in a few days, edit a series of drafts, gather feedback on them, and deliver the final version of the video within 3 weeks.



We use the latest technologies to tell video stories in unique ways. From ground to sky, water to sand, we have the tools and know-how to capture stunning visuals. We film with high definition equipment, smart aerial vehicles, and in virtual reality. Beyond our video editing software, we also have the ability to produce motion graphics, animations, and music. Every tool in our box is used to make our clients look good, their stories beautiful, and the messages crystal clear.

Storytelling for social impact through film and photography